About IncontinenceSource

Kestrel Health Information, Inc., a Vermont-based company, was formed in 1996 to provide an advertising medium for health care product manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies that delivers practical and useful product information to clinical decision-makers.

The first publication, WoundSource: The Kestrel Wound Product Sourcebook, was published in 1998 and now has a circulation of 27,000. Today, Kestrel has expanded beyond print to offer product information-oriented online and conference vehicles to health care marketers. Building on its success in the wound care market, Kestrel has brought its model to the similarly-structured incontinence and dermatology markets, with plans for other expansion into additional markets in development.

Kestrel’s expertise and innovations include:

  • Offering clinicians an easy-to-use, comparative presentation of useful, clinicially reviewed product information.
  • Bringing advertisers and clinicians together using powerful lead generation tools.
  • Developing robust, comprehensive, industry-specific databases for print and online distribution

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