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Avoid Using Adult Diapers with Patients with Incontinence

People who suffer from incontinence are at risk of skin damage. Skin areas most affected are near the buttocks, hips, genitals, and between the pelvis and rectum (perineum). Excess moisture in these areas causes skin problems such as redness, peeling, irritation, and yeast infections. The most common condition related to incontinence and skin care is moisture-associated skin damage (MASD).

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by Glenda Motta RN, MPH

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reports that nearly one in five Medicare patients discharged from a hospital—approximately 2.6 million seniors—is readmitted within 30 days, at a cost of over $26 billion every year.

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by Cathy Milne APRN, MSN, BC-ANP/CS, CWOCN
Lisa Corbett APRN, MSN, BC-CS, CWOCN

It seems as if there are many idioms out there related to moisture. Most are not flattering, such as “Mad as a wet hen”. “Wet behind the ears” infers inexperience - much like a child who has not gained the neurophysiological mechanisms to gain continence.

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