Happy Holidays from Kestrel Health Information

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by Kestrel Editors

The holiday season is a particularly special time of year. Despite the winter months, it fosters a sense of warmth, not just among family and friends, but among strangers as well. It’s a time for giving and kindness, and an opportunity to reflect on our own lives, appreciating what we have and what we have the opportunity to share with others.

For those of us in the medical product field, it’s easy to get lost in the business end of things, crunching numbers and planning distribution. It is a business after all, and must be treated accordingly. This holiday season, though, I ask you to reflect on the root of our entire industry: promoting the recovery and wellbeing of the sick and injured.

When you deal with products in quantity, thinking in terms of shipping manifestos and annual sales figures, you can lose sight of a very unique part of our particular industry: these products are saving peoples’ lives!

We are truly affecting millions of people every day. Medical supplies help pave the road to wellness. Reflect on the real consumers in this industry, sympathize with them, and be thankful for your own health.

The “holiday spirit” can be applied to marketing as well. In fact, it should be! Strategists discuss all types of tools and tips to foster connections with customers, from engaging displays to rich web content, but what about the most basic elements of relationship building, kindness, honesty, and integrity?

One of the best ways to remain in the forefront of your customers’ minds is through friendly communication and plain old pleasantness. Be mindful of their needs and empathize with their difficulties. Consider rewarding their loyalties with special offers and lagniappes. Treat your customers like family, and they will return the favor.

This holiday season, don’t hold back your kindness; bring the spirit of “good will toward men” into your professional life as well. Your customers will truly appreciate it.

This entire industry is based on helping people, on promoting health, safety, and at the core, happiness. Carry that warmth with you as you enjoy the season, and on into the New Year.

Happy Holidays!

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