Neurostimulators - External

Neurostimulation is the application of electric current to stimulate or inhibit the pelvic viscera or the nerve supply. A behavioral technique used to stimulate a weakened urethral closure mechanism or to inhibit an overactive detrusor muscle. The products in this section are percutaneously applied.

Minnova™ is a hand-held portable pelvic floor stimulator. The system consists of an external, battery-powered stimulator and an electrode. More
Pathway™ CTS 2000 Evaluation and Training System is a five-channel computer module. Includes external or intracavity EMG, accessory muscle EMGs, intracavity ...More
Pathway™ CTS 2000 Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation System provides visual and audio feedback and allows precise evaluation and rehabilitation of pelvic muscle ...More
Pathway™ STM-10 is a portable intracavity, battery-operated vaginal and rectal stimulation device. More
Urgent PC Neuromodulation System - Minimally invasive device designed for office-based treatment of urge incontinence, urinary urgency and urinary ...More
Urostym™ Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation is a Windows™-based biofeedback system for pelvic floor re-education with intuitive software, customization of ...More