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This website features multiple Ostomy and Continence resources.

See videos of different procedures.

The procedure is an excerpt from a 1 hour and 45 minute DVD that provides a detailed description, including illustrations and video footage, of an open surgical technique that demonstrates the value of both visual and tactile assessment in performing the best cancer operation while being able to preserve quality of life.

A collection of Incontinence Video links is provided on this website.

Information on Urology divided by topic and provided by the University of Iowa.

Pediatric Urology topics are also provided.

This website has multiple Links & Resources, Events and Videos about Ostomy.

Urology: General Information Series - Treating Patients Differently.

Provided by the Cornell University Department of Urology.

Videos on Kidney Health, Kidney Stones, Overactive Bladder, Urologic Health from Medical News Today's consumer health video library.