The International Children's Continence Society (ICCS)

The fundamental goal of the ICCS is to improve the quality of life and the life expectancy for all growing individuals with deficient bladder function, expressed as problems of storage and evacuation of urine. ICCS intends to approach this goal by increasing knowledge in all aspects of this problem area.

ICCS wants to:

  • Standardise the terminology used for lower urinary tract dysfunction in children, recognising that no meaningful dialogue is possible as long as terms are not used in a consistent manner;
  • Initiate and stimulate research in normal and disordered functions of the lower urinary tract in the growing infant and child;
  • Initiate and stimulate the development of new diagnostic methods and re-evaluation of older ones, to further the understanding of the function and dysfunction of the child's lower urinary tract;
  • Initiate and stimulate research on new therapies with a potential to improve or cure the many conditions under the ICCS umbrella;
  • Act as a catalyst for the above processes through regular meetings where proponents for new as well as old ideas meet for open discussions for the benefit of both parties;
  • Continuously distribute information about its activities and progress via all available media channels to professionals but also, and this is important, to afflicted children and their parents, injecting some amount of hope for a better life for children burdened by incontinence;
  • ICCS recognises that a substantial proportion of children also have problems with anal incontinence and constipation. Therefore, the Society intends to include anorectal dysfunction among its preferential research areas.

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